How to use NPS 3.0 to drive a successful business


Do you know how to put your customers’ needs first with the new NPS 3.0, using it to drive a successful business?

In this webinar, we will share our insights into what NPS 3.0 is and how to use NPS 3.0 to drive a successful business. NPS has become something that most organizations measure, but you are not really ‘doing NPS’ if you are only measuring it.

With this webinar, we wish to empower you to see NPS as more than just another management KPI. Because NPS is not just another KPI. It is basically about how you do business – it is a customer-loyalty guru that applying the universal Golden Rule is what makes your business successful.

In this 45-minute webinar, we will cover:

  • What is new in NPS 3.0 and what is it exactly.
  • What a business must do to make NPS 3.0 come alive in the organization.
  • What it means to put customer’s needs first.
  • The potential strength and weaknesses of NPS 3.0.


The idea of NPS 3.0: When customers feel love they come back with their friends

With Fred Reichheld’s new NPS 3.0 and book “Winning in Purpose”, he argues that the primary purpose of a business should be to enrich the lives of its customers. He reasons that when customers feel love they come back for more and bring their friends.

He introduces a new accounting-based metric, which complements his well-known Net Promoter Score: Earned Growth Rate (EGR). 



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Nicholas Winther Skov

Head of CX Advisory, Ennova

Has many years of experience working with customer experience. Nicholas provides fact-based consulting to large national and international customers, advising them on how to improve their customer experience.